Other Resources


KSU Extension Mold (k-state.edu) KSU phone is 620-662-2371 
KS Landlord Association  TENANTS HANDBOOK (kansaslegalservices.org)
KS Legal Aid local 620-694-2955 or 800-723-6953


KDHE Radon program Kansas Radon | KDHE, KS 800-693--5343

Food Safety and Hotel Lodging:

Complaints and inquires, go to Kansas Department of Agriculture - Food Safety and Lodging (ks.gov)  785-564-6700


Reno County Landfill 620-694-2586 Recycling Information | Reno County, KS - Official Website (renogov.org) or your local waste provider.

Air Quality:

Air | KDHE, KS KDHE South Central office 316-337-6020

Lead Poisoning:

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention | KDHE, KS  at or 785-296-1207, refer to your patient's doctor, or call the Reno County Health Department at 620-694-2900.

KDHE Water Pollution Permits:

Public notice to renew permits--Water | KDHE, KS

Bed Bugs:

Refer to a pest control operator if you need assistance, or possibly contact the United Way of Reno County, 620-669-9329.

Animal Bites:

Call their primary care physician, the Reno County Health Department  at 620-694-2900, and the local police department.  

Animal Breeders:

Licensed Animal Facilities (ks.gov)  or 785-564-6700

Animal Waste:.

Large animals - KDHE livestock waste management, South Central office 316-337-6020

Request for County Records:

Go to Reno County website: https://renogov.org/FormCenter/Clerk-3/Request-For-County-Records-43

Public Water and Public Wastewater Complaints:

Contact your local water or wastewater supplier or the KDHE South central office 316-337-6020.