User Fees

NOTE: On March 30, 2021, Reno County Commissioners approved the increase in Special Waste Fees, contaminated soil and asbestos to begin January 1, 2022. The C&D tipping fees will increase once facilities are completed in early 2022.

RENO COUNTY RESIDENTS/BUSINESSES: For Reno County Residents and businesses, there will continue to be NO tipping fee coming across the scale for municipal solid waste (pit trash), brush, compost, clean concrete, clean asphalt, metal, appliances, mattresses, or household hazardous waste items.

Charged to anyone that receives a permit from KDHE to bring special waste materials to Reno County Landfill. 

  • One time $30 permit fee for new permits (This does not apply to renewed or amended permits)
  • Special Waste and Contaminated Soil:   $41.00 per ton (1 ton minimum)
  • Asbestos:  $61.00 per ton (1 ton minimum)


  • Commercial businesses bringing tires:  $85.00 per ton


  • Separated C&D loads:  $10 per ton (1 ton minimum)
  • Un-separated C&D loads:  $20 per ton (1 ton minimum)


  • $25 / ton if able to come across the scale
  • $200 for Single Wide Unable to come across the scale
  • $400 for Double Wide Unable to come across the scale

Waste should be separated accordingly, prior to arrival. For a list of accepted pile specific materials, click here (.PDF).