3 to 5 BOCC Expansion

The Reno County Commission approved a Resolution that will allow voters to decide whether to have five (5) elected commissioners compared with the current three (3) member governing body.

The question will be on the November 2nd general election ballot. If approved by the voters, the current commissioners would remain in office, while an additional two commissioners would be elected by residents of the two new districts. The intent of the Commission is to have the two new members elected at the next regularly scheduled election.


  • The boundaries for the five member commission would allow for more opportunities to have

    diverse county-wide representation.

  • Based on current pay for commissioners, the increased cost for two members would be a
    total of $45,000. The additional cost would not increase the overall budget, or taxes, as it
    would be transferred from other areas of the operational budget.

  • A minimum of three members (majority of the five member board), compared with the current
    majority of two members, would be needed to make decisions for the County.

  • Adding two commissioners would allow for a broader range of expertise and viewpoints
    when making important policy decisions, along with better communication to and from the
    citizens of Reno County.

  • Increasing commissioners would reduce the likelihood of one individual disrupting the flow of
    business as well as the inability to act due to conflict of interest.

The Commissioners have proposed map 6. There may be additional changes once the census is reported. See the map here: https://arcg.is/09K9ub

Download the informational flier here.

If you'd like a County representative to come speak to your group or organization about the 3 to 5 initiative, call Laurie Moody at 620-694-2568.