Substance Misuse

Every day 140 Americans are lost to opioid overdose. This is not just from illegal drugs. Many of these deaths are caused by prescription drugs. Kansas and Reno county are not immune. In 2018, we had 16 overdose deaths leading to the reorganizing and the reconvening of the Reno County Drug Impact Task Force. This was helped in part with grant funds from the OD2A ( Overdose Data to Action ) grant. 

The Drug Impact Taskforce is comprised of a variety of stakeholders and concerned citizens that are committed to working on the issues facing our community and doing so by working with our strategic action plan that the group formed in 2019. 

Late in 2019 Reno Co. was also awarded the Rural Response to the Opioid Epidemic grant helping further our scope of work in these issues we face. We have been actively speaking and presenting to local HR Directors on the issues employers face with Substance Misuse as well as passing along information and education to other businesses, classes, and other interested parties in the community to further our progress in this work.

For further information, please contact Seth Dewey at 620-259-8446 or email