As a resident of Reno County, if anyone ever has a suggestion or comment they would like to make in reference to one of CCL’s regulations, please refer them to this resource on our website: Regulation Revision Suggestions Survey. It provides anyone from the public to provide suggestions and solutions to regulations perceived as a barrier. This is in the middle of our homepage: Child Care Licensing | KDHE, KS


KDHE Childcare Licensing Information, Forms, and Applications:

Educational Resource:

Provider Resources:

Community Partners:

Child Start - Harvey County
Sarah Spurgeon

Childcare Links for Food Program 
Beth Carlton - Both Reno and Harvey County

Infant-Toddler Specialist for KCCTO-KITS ITSN 
Rebecca Vitelli - Reno County

Erin Jett – Harvey County

Child Care Enrollment Specialist – DCF Certification
Michele Belden – Reno County

Amy Geitz - Harvey County

ChildCare Aware - Reno County
Luisa Alvarado
Office: 785-823-3343
Direct: 785-833-6586

ChildCare Aware - Harvey
Brooke Murphy
Office: 785-823-3343
Direct: 785-833-6839