Women's Health

Prenatal care is only offered to women who live in Reno County and have no medical insurance or are awaiting coverage. For more information please call us at 620-694-2900.

Services Include:

  • Comprehensive prenatal care
  • Pregnancy testing & counseling
  • Prenatal health & counseling
  • Lab & arrangement of sonogram
  • Lab may include: Urine, Anemia, Other Vaginal Infections
  • Sexually transmitted infection testing: Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, HIV, Syphilis
  • Assistance in obtaining medical coverage, psychosocial, and resource support
  • Home visits to provide evaluation and support for: Pregnancy, After Delivery, Breastfeeding, and Infant Care

March for Babies!

Reno County employees participated in the March for Babies event at Rice Park on Saturday May 9th. Reno County was part of the Bump to Baby team which is a collaboration between the Health Department, Hutchinson Clinic, Hutchinson Regional Medical Center and Early Head Start. Bump to Baby provides prenatal education to women. The Hutchinson March for Babies raised over $45,000 with the help of families and corporate partners. Click the "Bump to Baby" link on the left to learn more about the program and how to sign up!

March for Babies 2015