Senior Patrol

The Senior Patrol Program started in 1987. We have approximately 25 volunteers at this time including regular volunteers and substitutes. Our volunteers' responsibility is to check the homes of people that are on vacation, or are away from their homes for any reason.

Servicing the Community

The volunteers go out in groups of two. We have a morning shift and an afternoon shift. Our volunteers and the service they provide are a great asset to our community. Our volunteers come to us though RSVP.


We would like to thank the following volunteers:  
Donald Brening Wanda Killian Ron Salyer
Jim Epp Terry Simpson R. C. Schlatter
Jesse Garcia Monte Long Jack Showalter
Jim Gates Dean Norris Jim Siemens
Al Hernandez Marvin Reiter Herb Soukup
Roy Killian Kenneth Rose Dick Weins
Rex Christner  Ron Salyer 
 R.C. Schlatter Dick Weins  
 Dean Norris  Jack Showalter   
2018 Senior Patrol Vehicle