Information (Computer) Services

What We Do

The Information Services Department is responsible for maintaining, improving, and securing infrastructure systems, connectivity, and software across all Reno County departments and offices.

Services & Responsibilities

  • Hardware (Servers, Computers, Phones, Printers, etc.)
  • Network Infrastructure (Wired/Wireless Connectivity)
  • Security of Hardware & Software
  • Internal & External Web Development
  • GIS Mapping
  • End User Desktop\Laptop Support


We provide these services to the county departments and offices at the following locations\buildings:
  • Courthouse
  • Law Enforcement Center
  • Courthouse Annex
  • Court Services
  • Health Department
  • Youth Services
  • Correctional Facility
  • RCAT & Aging
  • Maintenance
  • Public Works
  • Landfill