Planning & Zoning Division

Scheduling an Appointment

Please contact Planning and Zoning with any questions you may have. An appointment needs to be made before coming to the office to ensure the person you need to speak to is available.

Making an appointment allows each customer the best opportunity to receive the service that is deserved. Please call 620-694-2978 to schedule an appointment with Reno County Planner Mark Vonachen, CFM. If there is no answer, you may call Public Works at 620-694-2976, Monday - Thursday, to schedule an appointment.

Additional Information

Citizens filing a zoning permit, zoning amendment, conditional use permit, variance, or other application need to make an appointment before submitting the application to discuss the proposal and procedure.

New Floodplain Maps for the Arkansas River and Cow Creek Watersheds

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Zoning Map - How do I find it?

  1. Click on the GIS Map link in the Menu to the left.
  2. Read and Click OK at the bottom of the Disclaimer page.
  3. You are now at the GIS Map. In the Layers Menu at the left choose: Parcels; 2016 Zoning: Reno County; and Aerial Photography (bottom of the layers list.)
  4. Zoom in on the map to bring up the Parcel Layers and Aerial Photography. The zoning will be depicted in colors on the map.