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Food Safety Precautions During a Power Outage

The Reno County Health Department encourages the public to take appropriate steps to avoid food-borne illness by not consuming potentially hazardous food that has reached a temperature of greater than 41°F before the resumption of power. Potentially hazardous foods are those that can support the growth of bacteria, such as raw meats, previously cooked foods, cut melons and cut tomatoes. Bacterial growth can be limited by keeping cold foods at 41°F or less and hot foods held at 140°F or higher. Use a food thermometer to measure the temperature.

Even properly held foods should be cooked to the appropriate final cooking temperature in order to kill any potential bacteria that may be present. Proper cooking temperatures for the following foods are:

  • Solid portions of meat - 145°F
  • Ground Meat - 155°F
  • Poultry - 165°F

Additional Information

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