District Attorney


Generally, the District Attorney’s Office performs investigation, courtroom, non-courtroom, appellate, charging, and administrative duties.
  • Investigation Duties: Death scene assistance, search warrant preparation, consultation with law enforcement officers, and inquisitions
  • Traditional Courtroom Duties: Bond hearings, arraignments, suppression motions / pre-trial motions, habeas corpus petitions, preliminary hearings, probation / community correction violation hearings, restitution hearings, post-trial motion hearings, sentencing, bench trials, and jury trials
  • Traditional Non-Courtroom Duties: Provide training for law enforcement, motion preparation, legal research, address public concerns, investigation / prosecution of Open Meetings violations, review recall petitions, trial preparation, consultation with law enforcement / victims, attend training / prosecution schools, preparation of journal entries, expungement determinations, diversion program decisions, media relations, provide advice on legislative issues, and membership on various advisory boards
  • Appellate Duties: Preparation of appellate motions / responses / briefs and make oral arguments before the Kansas Court of Appeals and Supreme Court
  • Charging Duties: Review of every law enforcement report filed with the office, make decisions regarding appropriate charges to be filed / declined prosecutions, preparation of complaints, preparation of probable cause affidavits for law enforcement, and notice to victims / law enforcement regarding charging decisions
  • Administrative Duties: Meetings with department heads / county administrator / Board of County Commissioners, budget preparation, and internal policy decisions / issues

About the District Attorney

Formerly the county attorney, the office was established as that of the district attorney by a legislative act in 1999. The district attorney’s office prosecutes criminal and selected civil matters referred from five police departments, the Reno County Sheriff’s office, the Kansas Highway Patrol, and the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. 1,517 law enforcement reports were logged into the office in 2002. 182 additional misdemeanor worthless check complaints were logged into the office by private citizens in 2002.

The office services approximately 65,000 citizens spread throughout 15 communities in an area of 1,365 square miles.

In 2002, the office filed 1,291 adult criminal cases, 418 juvenile offender cases, 253 Child in Need of Care petitions, 34 drug asset forfeiture cases, and 127 Care and Treatment cases. Additionally, the office handled 225 juvenile diversion cases, 44 appellate briefs, and was responsible for 6,143 traffic cases filed in the district court. The 27th Judicial District was ranked as the second busiest in Kansas based on caseload per judge in 2002.

Additional Information

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