Antique Vehicle Registrations


  • Must be 35 years or older
  • Basic parts of the vehicle (engine, transmission, chassis, body, etc.) must be original or if replaced, component parts must be the same age as the vehicle +/- one year

A vehicle does not qualify if these requirements are not met of if the vehicle contains a newer engine, chassis, transmission, or fiberglass body. You will be required to apply for either an antique title only (if the vehicle is being restored) or an antique title / tag.

Antique Tag

The antique tag is the only tag that is purchased once and never needs renewed. Antique vehicle owners with a title or a tag will be required to pay property tax each year. It will be billed on a separate statement from the county tag department during the month other vehicle tags are due.

Additional Information

If an antique vehicle is sold or if you move, you need to notify your local tag office so that records can be kept current Remove the antique tag before selling antique vehicle. This tag may be kept for life, and transferred to another antique vehicle.

For more information, please contact your local tag office.