Inspections for Out-of-State & Non-Highway

A vehicle inspection for out-of-state, non-highway, or salvage titled vehicles must be completed before applying for a Kansas vehicle registration / title. Fees are required for each vehicle inspected.


The fee for an out of state title vehicle is $20. The fee for a non-highway or salvage title vehicle is $25. Cash, business checks, or personal checks are accepted as long as the address on the check is the same as on the person's driver's license.

One-Day Inspection Permit

If your vehicle doesn't have a current tag on it, you can pick up a one-day inspection permit at your local tag office with your title and proof of insurance. You will need to present your title at the time of inspection. If you are not in possession of your title because your lien holder is required to hold the title, then you will need to phone your lien holder and request they fax a copy of the front and back of the title directly to the tag office so that it can be certified for inspection.