Vehicle Taxes

Kansas Staggered Vehicle Registration
Vehicles tagged for 12,000 pounds or less are tagged on a staggered renewal registration period by the first letter of your last name. The renewal schedule is as follows:
Letter Renewal  Date Renewal Mailed Tag Expiration Date
A January 15 February 29
B February 15 March 31
C-D March 15 April 30
E-F-G  April 15 May 31
H-I May 15 June 30
J-K-L June 15 July 31
M-N-O July 15 August 31
P-Q-R August 15 September 30
S September 15 October 31
T-V-W October 15 November 30
U-X-Y-Z November 15 December 31

Renewals will be sent out from the state 45 days prior to the renewal date. If a renewal is not received due to an address change or for some other unforeseen reason, your tag can still be renewed by taking your registration and your current proof of insurance to your local tag office.

Change of Address
It is important to notify your local tag office of any change in your address so that records can be kept current and to ensure receipt of a renewal each year. There is no fee to change your address. If renewing by mail, allow sufficient turn-around time at the end of the month. We suggest that you mail your renewal in at least seven days prior to the end of the month to allow return of your decal and tag to you.